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Supplier Data Management

Supplier Data Management

Poor data quality and duplicate supplier names across diverse Procurement systems drive cost inefficiency and reduce spend compliance. This can also cause costly payment errors and wasted effort in fixing problems associated with data errors.

ProcurEdge uses a proprietary supplier repository of more than 5 million suppliers across 100+ countries as well as intelligent Artificial intelligence (AI) based solution to harmonise and rationalise your supplier master data.

The Supplier data management solution includes the following:

  • Aggregation and consolidation of multiple supplier master data across ERP, eProcurement, AP and Catalog systems
  • Supplier name normalization and de-duplication of different representations of the same entity (for example IBM, I.B.M., International Business Machines, etc.)
  • Identification of obsolete and in-active suppliers
  • Identification of ‘Parent-child’ relationships
  • Cleansing of in-complete supplier address information
  • Supplier classification to UNSPSC, eClass or custom category schemas
  • Identification of multiple payment terms for a supplier across different Business Units for the same category
  • Integration of supplier contracts information as well as external intelligence such as D&B, Supplier Risk ratings, etc.