What gets measured. Gets managed


ProcurEdge, an innovation driven company specializes in Procurement analytics through application of machine intelligence, data modelling and high end category expertise. We enable Procurement Leadership take faster accurate and reliable business decisions through access to high quality cleansed, classified and structured enterprise procurement data. Our clients include several Fortune 500 organizations across diverse sectors such as Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology and FMCG. They have chosen us due to our flexible and customer focussed approach, our industry experience, and immediate returns on their investments.

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Spend Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven, easy-to-use and cloud based spend management dashboards. Procurement leadership can define , monitor and track Procurement Performance Indicators (PPIs) to increase savings , ensure contract compliance and mitigate supplier risks. Immediate Return-on-investments with no need to invest in IT infrastructure.

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Supplier Data Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven single-source of truth for Supplier performance management. Consolidation, de-duplication and establishing a bi-directional, many-to-one as well as parent child relationship between supplier data across ERP, Accounts Payable, e-Procurement, e-Sourcing, Catalog systems providing an enterprise view of the supplier. Integrate with 3rd party supplier information for credit and risk ratings.

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Spend Diagnostics

Spend Diagnostics is a low-investment and quick turn-around diagnostic offering which serves as a business case for Spend analysis solution as well as Procurement Transformation Programs. It is usually focussed on the top spend systems and business units and is the precursor to help understand the ‘current situation’ and to identify potential savings opportunities.

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On-Demand Procurement Support

We support client procurement teams on an ongoing basis by providing a flexible procurement ‘on demand managed service’. These services include research, analytics and consulting to support category managers, so they can focus on negotiating better deals, collaborating with business stakeholders and managing supplier relationships.

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management team

Dhirendra Jawaharani

Founder & CEO

Dhirendra spearheads ProcurEdge as the Founder and CEO, is his first venture as an entrepreneur. A Procurement Solutions industry veteran, Dhirendra’s passion for innovation drove him to bootstrap ProcurEdge.

Syed Hussain


Syed spearheads the software development and operations team at ProcurEdge. Syed has over 15+ years’experience in Procurement Solutions industry including the top solution providers’ viz. Ariba, Zycus and GeP.

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